Schools in the gulf countries reopen after summer vacation. After this long vacation, most of them are reluctant to go to school. It’s really a big change for their no-homework days, travelling, playing all kinds of their favourite games. It is the time to bring some changes among children as the new academic term approaches us.
If you have young children, you may also worry about their first day of school. Parents and children must get used to old school routine again. Let them go to bed early and choose a bedtime. Make them practice getting up early in the morning at least two weeks before the school opens.
Most children deal with some level of stress or anxiety about school. Parents must ask them directly and give maximum support to their little heroes. Parents can easily encourage them and create positive attitude towards school. Discussion about the upcoming school activities, vacation homework, new subjects and teachers will help the kids get prepared for the school re-opening. Let them prepare for school by choosing new uniforms, new shoes and other new supplies based on their interests. Help them arrange their books and prepare school bag for the first day.
In these days, most of the schools celebrate re-opening day with different types of programmes and activities. Parents and teachers can together participate in these activities, which can help reduce kid’s anxiety for their first day. Presenting small gifts and flowers will make your child happier and more confident. Teachers can help them to find new friends and feel more positive in school. It is very important that there should be a good communication between parents and children. It will create a wonderful effect on them. Discussion about their favourite subjects, interests, friends would make them excited. Parents can be their best friend and pay attention to their expressions and thoughts.


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